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Besides of receive many poor students to enter to school, De La Salle Brothers started useful projects for helping their poor student within 3 projects; 

1. Michal home’s project established for homeless and food and they pay intention to learn and have a good of school-record for student who live in countryside, and can’t return home frequently. These students are complete in an examination Scholarship of De La Salle Foundation.           


2. Small children development center project established to help for poor childhood student family at parent make a living in garbage heap area and neglect their childhood lonely. Center received their poor childhood to about 2 years. Furthermore, center had any useful services such as vehicle, and lunch preparation. Center was permitted by Department of Public Welfare, license no: NS. 0021/133 on date 5 January 1987.


3. La Salle home’s project established for student who lack of a good chance in Education such as student lived faraway from school, student who had live inconvenience, orphaned, and poor status. School provided their student housing, food, teaching aids, cloths, and train virtue and morality any fully train of career also.



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