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De La Salle Brothers established in France by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the great priest who was believed and lived following with the god teaching, and helped their poor juvenile by the local priest’s required. Furthermore, he established as Saint of teachers patronized by Christian supreme patriarch of the Christian priests Piaus XII.

De La Salle Brothers started to work with Education in Thailand, invited by Bishop Louis Vey from Missions of Bangkok at that time. He wrote a letter on March 17, 1898 to Brother Louis Ewrak that he required the Brothers to govern Assumption Bangrak School. Afterwards, FR.Columbey, the abbot of Assumption temple, wrote a letter on February 23, 1899 to Brother Louis Ewrak for starting a teaching since 1990. But at that time, Brothers couldn’t respond his required because they have fully school work operated in Singapore, Melaka, and Saigon (Vietnam).

50 years later, Brothers was corresponding answer the letter in his invitation of BISHOP LOUIS CHORIN and in early morning on August 31, 1951, the first group of 5 Brothers from France in Saigon traveled to Thailand. BISHOP LOUIS CHORIN picked them up, and invited them to stay nearly Christian supreme patriarch residence on Sathorn Road. 5 Brothers were; Brother Joseph Macth (French), Brother Domics Rokaytian (French), Brother Constantin Mark, Brother Colin Amil, and Brother Ronald.

All of brothers studied Thai language a few months, especially a group of Missions Estrangers de Paris (MEP) at first 3 months, they could write in Thai language a little bit, but they hardly to communicate in Thai also. However, they persevered to learn. The brothers are 5 people can succeed for Thai language examination in finish, and could teach in the school.
Afterwards, in 1953 Chinese merchants at Nakhon Sawan, invited Brothers to establish a school over there because of they wanted to learn English for trading with Singaporeans and Hong Kong increasingly. These brothers started to teach in Tonghua school, as Chinese school, but to use (Chotiravi School later). At that time, they had 200 students and 4 teachers.
Since 1960, they constructed Chotiravi School in their own zone 37 rai by to use land from Borneo Company of Missions Etrangeres group.

Since 1962, De La Salle Brothers established the 2nd school as namely, “La Salle Chanthaburi (Mandapitak) School” and opened class during an early education – High School Education.    
Since 1963, De La Salle Brothers established the 3rd school in Bangkok as namely, La Salle School by to receive donation a land of St. Gabriel's group.
Since 1975, De La Salle Sisters 5 people worked together with De La Salle Brothers which priest believed in the same regulations.
Since 1989, De La Salle Brothers established the 4th of De La Salle home’s in Samphan for teaching and training young men at willing to do something to follow of Saint John Baptist de La Salle in priest living style. In addition, De La Salle Brothers, the priests to devote themselves for youth and children in education, especially for poor children.


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