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De La Salle established by Saint John Baptist de La Salle; he was born at Reims, France on 30 April 1651, ordained priest on 7 April 1678. He aimed to establish a foundation of important education in Christian’s style for the ordinary people at that time. So he compiled the impatient young men who had an intention to work since 1680 and this is a start of De La Salle Brothers. Besides that his established a foundation of education for their students in primary education level, he was also started to construct the secondary school, vocational school, and many teacher training colleges.


He passed over on 7 April 1719; many people respect and worship his relics. At present, his relics contained at the central of De La Salle Brothers in Rome.

On 15 May 1950 Christian supreme patriarch of the Christian priests Piaus XII established him as ‘Saint of patronized teachers’.
Christian Catholics cerebrated as Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s Day on every year of 7 April. Furthermore, De La Salle Brothers cerebrated in appropriate events in Thailand. Now that of every year on 16 January, we also recall on a teacher’s nation day. We held a praise of Saint John Baptist de La Salle on 15 January or every teacher’s nation day period also.



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